ORBIT OHS of OHS80, OHS100, OHS125, OHS160, OHS200, OHS250, OHS315, OHS400, OHS500 ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

ORBIT OHS of OHS80, OHS100, OHS125, OHS160, OHS200, OHS250, OHS315, OHS400, OHS500 ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OMS 125 Danfoss Hydraulic Motor Model 151F2334 in Ahmedabad Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Nashik Pune Indore Jaipur Delhi Haryana Kolkata Vasai India


We are Dealing & Equivalent Replacement Of DanfossSauer Danfoss Hydraulic Motor replace By Orbital Make Hydraulic Motor in India

These Orbit Make Hydraulic Motor units are most commonly found on Industrial Sweepers, Road Sweepers, Refuse Lorries, Tractors, Agricultural and Farm Machinery, Combined Harvesters, Grass Cutting Machines, Construction Machinery, Conveyors, Cement Mixers etc.

The ORBITAL make Hydraulic Motor Range offered generally interchanges with other Hydraulic Motors of the Gerotor and Geroller Type such as Danfoss OMP, Danfoss OMR, Danfoss OMV, Danfoss OMS, Danfoss OMT, M+S MP, M+S MR, M+S MS, M+S MT, M+S MH etc.  If you have the Original Equipment Part Number then we can probably match it. Whatever Price you have been given elsewhere we can probably BEAT it!


We are dealing & Equivalent Hydraulic Motors & Pumps  Also wide range of Orbit Make Hydraulic Motor Replace of Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

We are Dealing Equivalent Replacement Of Above Model in Sauer Danfoss (Danfoss) Hydraulic Motor make Orbital india

Sauer Danfoss / Danfoss Hydraulic Motor:

OML Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMM Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMP   Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMP X Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMR Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMR X Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

DH Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

DS Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMS Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMT Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMV Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMH Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

OMEW Series Danfoss Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss' comprehensive range of low-speed hydraulic motors are designed for moderate to heavy load requirements. Suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propel systems, Sauer Danfoss orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment:


Mini orbital hydraulic motors (OML and OMM)

Medium-sized orbital hydraulic motors (OMP, OMR, OMH, OMEW, DH, DS)

Large orbital hydraulic motors (OMS, OMT and OMV, TMK, TMT, TMVW)


It is always possible to find the optimum orbital make hydraulic motor solution with the many variants available: 8cc/rev to 800cc/rev, 600 to 2500rpm, 13Nm to 2700Nm and 2kW to 70kW.


We are Dealing Replacement Orbit Make Hydraulic Motor  Model no of Danfoss Hydraulic Motor is as Under.

Danfoss OMM Hydraulic Motor of OMM8, OMM12.5, OMM20, OMM32, OMM50 Hydraulic Gerotor Motor

Danfoss OMP Hydraulic Motor of OMP50, OMP80, OMP100, OMP125, OMP160, OMP200, OMP250, OMP315, OMP400 Orbit Hydraulic Motor Danfoss

Danfoss OMPW of OMPW50, OMPW80, OMPW100, OMPW125, OMPW160, OMPW200, OMPW250, OMPW315, OMPW400 Danfoss Orbit Hydraulic wheel Motor

Danfoss OMR Hydraulic Motor of OMR50, OMR80, OMR100, OMR125, OMR160, OMR200, OMR250, OMR315, OMR375 Orbit Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss OMS Hydraulic Motor of OMS80, OMS100, OMS125, OMS160, OMS200, OMS250, OMS315, OMS400, OMS500 Orbital Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss OMSS of OMSS80, OMSS100, OMSS125, OMSS160, OMSS200, OMSS250, OMSS315, OMSS400, OMSS500 Hydraulic Orbital Motor

Danfoss OMSW of OMSW100, OMSW125, OMSW160, OMSW200, OMSW250, OMSW315, OMSW400, OMSW500 Hydraulic Wheel Motor

Danfoss OMT Hydraulic Motor of OMT160, OMT200, OMT250, OMT315, OMT400, OMT500 Hydraulic Gerotor Motor

Hydraulic OMTW of OMTW160, OMTW200, OMTW250, OMTW315, OMTW400, OMTW500 Hydraulic Wheel Motor

Danfoss OMTS of OMTS160, OMTS200, OMTS250, OMTS315, OMTS400, OMTS500 Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss OMH of OMH200, OMH250, OMH315, OMH400, OMH500 Orbital Hydraulic Motor

Danfoss OMV Hydraulic Motor of OMV315, OMV400, OMV500, OMV630, OMV800 Cycloid Gear Hydraulic Motor Danfoss

Danfoss OMVW of OMVW315, OMVW400, OMVW500, OMVW630, OMVW800 Orbital Wheel Motor

Danfoss OSPC of OSPC50, OSPC80, OSPC100, OSPC125, OSPC160, OSPC200, OSPC315, OSPC400 hydraulic steering units


Orbit Make Hydraulic Motor Equivalent Replacement  Sauer Danfoss Orbital Hydraulic Motors; A wide range of low-speed hydraulic motors designed for moderate to heavy load requirements: The range includes;

Sauer Danfoss OML and OMM mini orbital hydraulic motors.

Sauer Danfoss DH, DS, OMP, OMR, OMRC, OMH and OMEW medium sized orbital hydraulic motors

Sauer Danfoss OMS, OMSS, OMSW, OMT, OMV, TMK, TMT and TMVW large orbital hydraulic motors


Hydraulic Motors,Hydraulic orbital motor, Hydraulic Gear Motor, Hydraulic Close Loop Motor, Hydraulic Ze-roter Motor, Hydraulic Piston Motor , Hydraulic Spline shaft Motor, Hydraulic Keyway shaft Motor, Hydraulic Disc Valve Motor Etc

OMS Type Hydraulic Motor

151F0500, 151F 0501, 151F0502, 151F0503, 151F0504, 151F0505, 151F0506, 151F0605 151F2200, 151F2201, 151F2202, 151F2203, 151F2204, 151F2205, 151F2206, 151F2261, 151F2268, 151F0507, 151F0508, 151F0509, 151F0510, 151F0511, 151F0512, 151F0513 151F2207, 151F2208, 151F2209, 151F2210, 151F2211, 151F2212, 151F2213, 151F2262, 151F2269, 151F0514, 151F0515, 151F0516, 151F0517, 151F0518, 151F0519, 151F2214, 151F2215, 151F2216, 151F2217, 151F2218, 151F2219 151F2220, 151F2264, 151F2270, 151F0560, 151F0561, 151F0562, 151F0563, 151F0564, 151F0565, 151F0566, 151F0542, 151F0543, 151F0544, 151F0545, 151F0546, 151F0547, 151F0548, 151F2300, 151F2301, 151F2302, 151F2303, 151F2304, 151F2305, 151F2306, 151F2307, 151F2345, 151F2316, 151F2317, 151F2318, 151F2319, 151F2320, 151F2321, 151F2322, 151F2323, 151F2347, 151F2308, 151F2309, 151F2310, 151F2311, 151F2312, 151F2313, 151F2314, 151F2315, 151F2346, 151F 2324, 151F2325, 151F2326, 151F2327 151F2328, 151F2329 151F2330, 151F2331, 151F2348, 151F2332, 151F2333, 151F2334, 151F2335, 151F2336, 151F2337, 151F2338, 151F2339, 151F2349, 151F2377, 151F2378, 151F2379 151F2380, 151F2381, 151F2382, 151F2383, 151F2384, 151F2385, 151F2368, 151F2369, 151F2370, 151F2371, 151F2372, 151F2373, 151F2374, 151F2375, 151F2376, 151F2359, 151F2360, 151F2361, 151F2362, 151F2363, 151F2364, 151F2365, 151F2366, 151F2367, 151F2350, 151F2351 151F2352, 151F2353, 151F2354, 151F2355, 151F2356, 151F2357, 151F2358, 151F2395, 151F2396, 151F2397, 151F2398, 151F2399, 151F2400, 151F2401, 151F2402, 151F2403, 151F 2413, 151F2414, 151F2415, 151F2416, 151F2417, 151F0521, 151F0522, 151F0523, 151F0524, 151F0525, 151F0526, 151F0527 151F 0610, 151F2235, 151F2236, 151F2237, 151F2238, 151F2239, 151F2240, 151F2241, 151F2265, 151F2266, 151F 0528, 151F0529, 151F0530, 151F0531, 151F0532, 151F0533, 151F0534, 151F0609, 151F 2242, 151F2243, 151F2244 151F2245, 151F2246, 151F2247, 151F2248, 151F2263, 151F2267, 151F0535, 151F0536, 151F0537, 151F0538, 151F0539, 151F0540, 151F0541, 151F 0608

151H1002, 151H1003, 151H1004, 151H1005, 151H1006, 151H1012, 151H1013 , 151H1014, 151H1015, 151H1016, 151H1042, 151H1043, 151H1044, 151H1045, 151H1046, 151H1080, 151H1082, 151H1083, 151H1084, 151H1081, 151H1022, 151H1023, 151H1024, 151H1025, 151H1026, 151H1052, 151H1053, 151H1054, 151H1055, 151H1056, 151H1034, 151H1035, 151H1036

151-0340 151-0341 151-0342 151-0310 151-0311 151-0312 151-0313 151-0314 151-0315 151-0316 151-0317 151-0318

151-0640 151-0641 151-0652 151-0610 151-0611 151-0612 151-0613 151-0614 151-0615 151-0616 151-0617 151-0618

151-5191 151-5192 151-5193 151-5194 151-5195 151-5196 151-5197 151-5198 151-5199

11090903 151-0300 151-0301 151-0302 151-0303 151-0304 151-0305 151-0306 151-0307 151-0308

151-0600 151-0601 151-0602 151-0603 151-0604 151-0605 151-0606 151-0607 151-0608

151-7080 151-7081 151-7082 151-7041 151-7042 151-7043 151-7044* 151-7045 151-7046 - 151-7048 151-7049

151-0330 151-0331 151-0332 151-0333 151-0334 151-0335 151-0336 151-0337 151-0338

151-0630 151-0631 151-0632 151-0633 151-0634 151-0635 151-0636 151-0637 151-0638


151-0410 151-0411 151-0412 151-0413 151-0414 151-0415 151-0416 151-0417 151-0418

151-0710 151-0711 151-0712 151-0713 151-0714 151-0715 151-0716 151-0717 151-0718

151-6190 151-6191 151-6192 151-6193 151-6194 151-6195 151-6196 151-6197 151-6198

151-0400 151-0401 151-0402 151-0403 151-0404 151-0405 151-0406 151-0407 151-0408

151-0700 151-0701 151-0702 151-0703 151-0704 151-0705 151-0706 151-0707 151-0708

151-7240 151-7241 151-7242 151-7243 151-7244 151-7245 151-7246 151-7247 151-7248

151-0420 151-0421 151-0422 151-0423 151-0424 151-0425 151-0426 151-0427 151-0428

151-0720 151-0721 151-0722 151-0723 151-0724 151-0725 151-0726 151-0727 151-0728

151-7250 151-7251 151-7252 151-7253 151-7254 151-7255 151-7256 151-7257 151-7258

151-0248 151-0242 151-0243 151-0208 151-0244 151-0245 151-0247 151-0246 151-6294

151-0265 151-0266 151-0267 151-6295 151-0268 151-0269 151-0271 151-0270 151-6296


We are Also Dealing Orbit Make Hydraulic Motor  & Replacement Hydraulic Motors Like : Danfoss, Parkar, Eaton, Zihyd, M+S, Intermot, SAI Hydromotor, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth, Kawasaki Staffa, JMDG Hydraulic Motor, Hydac, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton Vickers, Stauff, Parker, Polyhydron, Yuken, Casappa, Hydroline, Hydax, Verco, Yuci Yuke, Spica, Duplomatic, Atos, Winner, Nachi, Dowty, White, Winde, Bucher, Char-Lynn,  Hydrocontrol, Badestnost, Youli, KTC, Sun, Spica,  Hydroline, Barnes, Caterpillar, Daikin, Danfoss, Denison, Hägglunds, Hawe, Herion, Hydromatik, Komatsu, Linde, Mannesmann Rexroth, Oilgear, Parker-Store, Poclain, Racine, Rollstar, Salami, Sauer, Sauer-Danfoss, Uchida, Etc..


We are dealing Hydraulic Product and service provider of major city in IndiaAhmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Mehsana, Morbi, Gandhidham, Kutchh, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Thane, Vasai-Virar, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Kurnool, Rajamundry, Chilakaluripet, Itanagar, Guwahati, Dispur, Silchar, Jorhat, Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Raipur, Bhilai (Bhilai Nagar), Bilaspur, Korba, Raigarh, Panaji, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Rohtak, Hissar, Panipat, Shimla, Srinagar and Jammu, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Bokaro Steel City, Bengaluru, Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwar, Mangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga, Davanagere, Bellary, Tumkur, Thiruvananthapuram, Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Kollam, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, Sagar, Dewas, Ratlam,  Imphal, Shillong,  Aizawi, Kohima, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Brahmapur, Puri, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Gangtok, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Tiruppur, Salem, Agartala, Dehradun, Lucknow, Kolkata, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Agra, Varanasi, Meerut, Allahabad, Mathura, Gorakhpur, Asansol, Siliguri, Kharagpur, Darjeeling, Andra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar,Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi, Lakshadeep, Pondicherry, Telangana, Ankleshwar, Vizag, Ernakulam, Kolhapur, Dhanbad, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Cochin, Dehradun,  Puducherry, Lakshadeep,

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