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Danfoss Hydraulic Motor OMM OMP OMR OMS OMT OMV OMH in India

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

These units are most commonly found on Industrial Sweepers, Road Sweepers, Refuse Lorries, Tractors, Agricultural and Farm Machinery, Combined Harvesters, Grass Cutting Machines, Construction Machinery, Conveyors, Cement Mixers etc. etc.

The Orbit make Hydraulic Motor Range offered generally interchanges with other Hydraulic Motors of the Gerotor and Geroller Type such as Danfoss OMP, Danfoss OMR, Danfoss OMV, Danfoss OMS, Danfoss OMT, M+S MP, M+s MR, M+S MS Hydraulic Motor etc. If you have the Original Equipment Part Number then we can probably match it. Whatever Price you have been given elsewhere we can probably BEAT it!

Orbit Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers in India

Orbit Hydraulic Motor OHM OHP OHR OHS OHT OHV OHH Motor in Ahmedabad Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Nashik Pune Indore Jaipur Delhi Haryana India

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers Of ORBIT Hydraulic Motor & Pumps  Also wide range of Hydraulic Motors

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

ORBIT Hydraulic Motor:

OHL Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHM Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHP   Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHR Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHS Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHT Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHV Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor

OHH Series ORBIT Hydraulic Motor


ORBIT ' comprehensive range of low-speed Hydraulic Motors are designed for moderate to heavy load requirements. Suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propel systems, ORBIT Make orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment:


Mini orbital hydraulic motors (OHL and OHM)

Medium-sized orbital hydraulic motors (OHP, OHR, OHH, ) 

Large orbital hydraulic motors (OHS, OHT and OHV,)


It is always possible to find the optimum orbital hydraulic motor solution with the many variants available: 8cc/rev to 800cc/rev, 600 to 2500rpm, 13Nm to 2700Nm and 2kW to 70kW.

ORBIT OHM of OHM8, OHM12.5, OHM20, OHM32, OHM50 Hydraulic Orbit Motor Manufacturers in India

ORBIT OHM of OHM8, OHM12.5, OHM20, OHM32, OHM50 Hydraulic Orbit Motor india

OMP-50 151-0310, OMP-80 151-0311, OMP-100 151-0312, OMP-125 151-0313, OMP-160 151-0314, OMP-200 151-0315, OMP-250 151-0316, OMP-315 151-0317, OMP-400 151-0318, OMP-100 151-0612, OMP-125 151-0613, OMP-160 151-0614, OMP-200 151-0615, OMP-250 151-0616, OMP-315 151-0617, OMP-400 151-0618

ORBIT OHP of OHP50, OHP80, OHP100, OHP125, OHP160, OHP200, OHP250, OHP315, OHP400 ORBIT Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers in India

Danfoss OMR Hydraulic Motor of OMR50, OMR80, OMR100, OMR125, OMR160, OMR200, OMR250, OMR315, OMR375, OMR 400 Orbit Hydraulic Motor

ORBIT OHR of OHR50, OHR80, OHR100, OHR125, OHR160, OHR200, OHR250, OHR315, OHR375 ORBIT  Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers in India

Danfoss OMS Hydraulic Motor of OMS80, OMS100, OMS125, OMS160, OMS200, OMS250, OMS315, OMS400, OMS500 Orbital Hydraulic Motor in India

ORBIT OHS of OHS80, OHS100, OHS125, OHS160, OHS200, OHS250, OHS315, OHS400, OHS500 ORBIT  Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers in Ahmedabad Mumbai Pune India

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